About us

Orange IT Solutions (OITS) is an independent reseller of IT Infrastructure products and services, and a Business Solutions provider in Namibia. We are a member of the Infinite Group. We offer our clients a wide range of IT expertise, creativity, fast delivery and competitive pricing. We strive for strong and lasting relationships with our clients in Namibia as well as in the Sub-Saharan region, and are active in both IT Infrastructure and Business Solutions.

Our Infrastructure solutions are focused around the top-tier technology manufacturers.  We have the following brands in our portfolio: Cisco, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Apple, Lenovo, Microsoft, Bitdefender antivirus and many more. We provide networking and cabling services, IT desktop/laptop/server support, and we are active in a niche market for Youncta Microwave technology for ISPs.

Our Business Solutions porfolio focusses on ERP and Specialized Solutions. We provide SAP Support and Recruitment services, Microsoft Dynamics ERP implementation and development, Mendix/PHP/C++/SQL  software development. Our slogan is ‘what can be done by Namibians, will be done by Namibians’. We strive to encourage Namibian skill development. For specialized solutions, we partner with international market leaders, such as Certus Port Automation, and Mendix as our prefered rapid software development platform, amongst others.

Namibian origin

100% of the shares of Orange IT Solutions (Pty) Ltd are owned by Namibians. We score 92% on the Namibian Preferential Procurement Corporation (NPPC) Scorecard, reflecting our Namibian origin. It is our mission, by holding up to high standards of service and professionalism, to contribute to the technological development of the Namibian economy and its people.