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Microwave links

Orange IT Solutions is your Youncta Microwave Technology solutions partner in Namibia and SADC. We supply, install and support your licensed and unlicensed 2Ghz - 38Ghz frequency Microwave links.

Our Y-Packet product is a high capacity Full-Ethernet point-to-point microwave radio, realized to meet the requirements of WISP, ISP and Corporate clients. Conceived with full-outdoor approach, it covers a frequency range from 2.5Ghz to 38Ghz with anything between 100 Mbps and 1,000 Mbps per antenna. Please contact us for your connectivity requirements, and discover us as your partner in business for your point-2-point Microwave links.

Y-PACKET Provides intuitive AJAX based web management interface, a wide range of Licensed and Unlicensed frequency bands, high radio capacity up to 420 Mbps, VLAN 802.1Q tagging and QoS for data traffic, secure management over IPv4 and IPv6, centralised RADIUS authentication. It has been developed with an aim to be easy to install, interoperable with other equipment in the network, and easily integrated with third parties Network Management Systems.

Y-HAUL The Y-Haul product family is mainly devoted to communication for rural and remote areas, video surveillance communication and communication for Oil & Gas companies. Y-Haul is a wireless telecom equipment, designed for operation in an extremely long distance and in near-of-line sight conditions. It could be a really wise alternative to satellite communications, providing low TCO and high reliability Ethernet/TDM channel in both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations.

Y-NMS Youncta’s powerful Network Management System. It provides monitoring and configuration of our microwave radio links. Y-NMS allows quickly identification of faults and anomalies on radio paths and single units. The Y-NMS is a modern management and control system with user-friendly interface, and powerful real time monitoring.