Mendix App development

The fastest and easiest platform to create and continuously improve mobile and web apps at scale

Executing a digital strategy is more than just buying new technology

As opposed to maintaining mission-critical systems where you need certainty and a predictable plan, creating innovative applications with unclear requirements demands agility to test new approaches. Your digital transformation strategy must clearly segment your applications by the problems they address, their rate of change, and the distinctiveness of the business capabilities they facilitate.

We at Orange IT Solutions are a Mendix Implementation partner in Namibia. We are warming up clients for the new development in software development, and have started building Mendix development capacity in Namibia. Our Sr Developer is Han Pieter Duyverman, who has over 10 years Mendix development experience. There are 8 implementation partners in South Africa, as well as over  50 Mendix developers. We are brining the Mendix rapid app development technology to Namibia. Contact us now, should you want to create an application platform that empowers people to build and continuously improve apps at unprecedented speed and scale.